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Updated Quarantine Webinar Schedule | We Need A Law

Updated Quarantine Webinar Schedule

WNAL Staff / 06/04/2020 / Abortion 

The first two weeks of webinars have been a huge success! In the coming weeks we will continue with them albeit at a less intense pace. See below for our next two webinars and register today.

Passing abortion laws in Canada is going to take pro-lifers sharing our knowledge with those around us. We need to bring our friends and neighbors along with us understanding the human rights violation that abortion is. Legal Counsel Tabitha Ewert discusses with Vanessa Otten from CCBR how to have a conversation about abortion with the goal of changing hearts and minds.

Click here to register for 5 PM PDT webinar






The pro-life movement has always been deeply concerned with helping women and pre-born children. Pregnancy resource Centres are the face of this coming alongside those who want to choose life with tangible support. Legal Counsel Tabitha Ewert discusses with Jared White from Advokate the work that they are doing in the pro-life movement.

Click here to register for 5 PM PDT webinar


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