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Defend Girls

Sex-selective abortion is happening in Canada, and well-researched news reports by both CBC and CTV in recent years have increased public awareness of this issue. It is up to us now, as Canadians, to push beyond the information into action, to end the use of abortion as a taxpayer-funded service to target girls. Sex-selection in embryos for in vitro fertilization is illegal, yet it continues to be accepted as a reason to receive an abortion.

This devaluing of girls, particularly evident in certain ethnic communities, is part of a larger cultural devaluing of women. Some women have virtually no say in the decision to abort a female child, and this unnatural selection is another example of how “choice” actually reflects a larger problem where women are told it would be better if they could be more like men.

Polls show that the majority of Canadians are opposed to sex-selective abortion and think there should be restrictions to prevent it – add your name to the petition in defence of pre-born girls.

See below for an example of a Sex Selection Act.


Canadian Medical Association Journal article:

CBC news report:

CTV news report:

Family balancing article (it’s not just girls who need defending!):

Join us in building support for these initiatives: